Studio Research – Video Excerpt 3

ANAT VIDEO 2Click for video documentation of studio research

In this footage we were building on a series of situations where I had been using a variety of modes to communicate choreography. In this footage, choreography means asking the dancers to do  a phrase of dance material that I had made without thinking about passing it on to another person, that was made using a physical rather than logocentric logic ( no pun intended). I communicated it to them only verbally, not demonstrating physically, therefore I had to translate it from a physical dimension into words, which required me to actually do it, therefore I went behind the screen. One of the dancers had a further filter, as she was receiving the information through the filter of an Auslan interpreter. I wasn’t interested in a particular outcome, just how physical, spatial, rhythmic understanding is built.

– Shelley Lasica

Dancers: Deanne Butterworth, Jo Lloyd, Anna Seymour
Auslan interpreter: Maxine Buston
Choreographer: Shelley Lasica
Researcher: Fleur O’Hare, Centre for Eye Research Australia